All you need to know about Game mechanic's

Introduction to Game mechanics 

Before we dive deep into Game mechanics, let us first discuss what mechanics actually mean, in physics background it deals with forces, motion , energy, matter, gravity, collisions and many more laws, parameters.

Game mechanics are nothing but a set of  rules or methods which are designed into certain kind of game genre where a character interacts with a huge set of multiple pixel environments. Generally a simple single character is usually assigned with basic abilities like "move forward - backward, walk, run,crunch, leap, jump".

And any simple game which we play is usually created by following the certain purpose - this serves nothing but OBJECTIVE - Goal of the game.

Once the game objective is taken into consideration then we deal with its - sub objectives. consider them like Objective A,B,C.......Z, depending upon the ideas of the creators/designers and they are further added to meet the whole requirement purpose for the Game development.

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After the Game objectives we come to Actions - they deal with positive and negative themes

developed to meet current game scenario's which include to mechanisms like - GOOD and BAD consequences  for in-game nature.

Some simple yet most influential game cliche mechanics involve -

1. Attack (hit - while not being hit back)

This refers when a game character(player) encounters an Enemy A.I  to defend himself from that scene, he uses attack mechanism.This mechanism can be seen from early arcade 90's style games like Super Mario bro's  to present 21st century style games like Call of duty, Mortal kombat basically in all Role Playing Games (RPG).

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2.Climbing (explore or to defend)

Climbing is simple and most commonly used mechanism in several games from ages. Basically this act serves the character to hide himself from enemies or to follow certain kind of sub objectives like to gather the Pickup coins where it can upgrade the weapons, ammo, costumes or to buy some fancy skins in the games. 

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 3.Regenerate health (attain lost health)

It is also a basic mechanism we follow in almost every character driven games (expect like Tetris, bubble shooter, 3 way match games etc).This is designed keeping in mind if a character gets injured itself from environments like rocks by jumping and smashing right itself to walls it causes to lose some Health points (HP), to encounter with it the designers came up with 'Regenerate health mechanism' which means we can get back the lost HP by collecting and using Medics and potions. 

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 4.Time based mechanism (tik tik - clocks)

It deals mainly with Time - yes I mean certain period of moments like seconds for certain fast paced moving platform genres, again - I come to MARIO to explain its ingenuity. This mechanism was introduced to make games more challenging and fun at the same time.Simply if you do not complete a certain objective in game it displays basic and most frustrating message like "MISSION FAILED". Best can be explained in GTA series and by further exemplifying it little more, this mechanism is also used in environmental time periods like Days and Nights.

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  • Like Ex : sunny ,windy, rainy, dry, hot during Days.
  • And warm, cloudy, snowy in Nights (Just to get clear picture though not always same due to complex weather patterns) 
These are basically used to simulate real world mechanisms for more immersion into game world.

5.Puzzle mechanism ( ready to be bewildered)

This mechanism was also introduced to challenge the player for in-depth challenging and for rewarding purposes in many times.Puzzles generally need a special ability like intelligence from player's aside from just smashing buttons. Players generally solve them linearly like one by one to complete the objective i.e : gather some information pieces from environment place it into block - repeat this process until you succeed to place all those missing pieces to match-up like Jigsaw Puzzle or just designed to be non-linear for complex purposes.

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These are divided into many types - just to say few I lore about

  • Riddles, Crossword, Word search, number type, Sudoku and much more.
These were just few simple 'N basic mechanisms which are used to create life like simulations in Video games and they are further divided into many more Advanced mechanisms which I'm going to discuss more in-depth in Part II of this continuation article. 




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